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Title: Archaeopteryx and the Dinosaur - Bird Transition

Speaker: Dr John Nudds, University of Manchester

Date: Thursday 31st January 2019

Time: 7:15

Location: Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre (Michael Sadler Building)

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Archaeopteryx was first discovered in 1861, just 2 years after the publication of The Origin of Species, and it appeared to be one of Darwin's predicted 'missing links' - that between the reptiles and the birds. Today we can regard it as the link between the dinosaurs and the birds. Only 12 specimens have ever been found, but ongoing research is involved in complex questions such as the origin of flight, the origin of feathers, was Archaeopteryx really the first bird, and how does it relate to the modern birds? This lecture will explore some of these questions in the light of recent discoveries.

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