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The Leeds Geological Association aims to promote and further interest in the geological sciences, both amongst its members and within the wider community. Particular emphasis is placed on the geology of the region and its relationship to landscape and scenery.

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Thursday 30th January 2020

7:15PM - Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre (Michael Sadler Building)

A New Glacial Chronology for East Yorkshire?
Recent Work on Flamborough Head
and in Holderness

Dr Rodger Connell
University of Hull

The Dimlington site in southern Holderness was designated the type site for the period of most extensive glaciation in Britain during the last cold stage in 1984. This Dimlington Stadial was believed to be younger than ~20,000 years, quite a surprise when the original radiocarbon dates were published in 1969! In recent years dating of both organic and inorganic sediments (by both Radiocarbon (C14) and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) techniques) has suggested the last ice sheet may have grown earlier in Britain and been much more dynamic. This talk will focus on recent work by myself and colleagues from the Hull Geological Society on overlooked sites on Flamborough Head (last recorded by George Lamplugh in the 1890s) and in Holderness (some last documented by W.S. Bisat in the 1930s). This work has been supported by Professor Mark Bateman (Sheffield University) with OSL age estimates at sites on Flamborough Head. From this work a new chronology for the glacial sequence in East Yorkshire is emerging suggesting a more complex and earlier series of advances of the North Sea Lobe of the last ice sheet.

South Landing

Photo: Dr Rodger Connell

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