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The Leeds Geological Association aims to promote and further interest in the geological sciences, both amongst its members and within the wider community. Particular emphasis is placed on the geology of the region and its relationship to landscape and scenery.

Membership is open to all.

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Thursday 9th May 2019

7:15PM - Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre (Michael Sadler Building)

The Environmental Consequences
of Volcanism

Dr Evgenia Ilyanskaya
Earth and Environment
University of Leeds

Over 800 million people live within 100km of active volcanoes where they can be exposed to multiple volcanic hazards. While some hazards are well recognized, such as ash-rich explosions which can ground air traffic, or pyroclastic flows which can bury cities, there is a wider hazard posed by volcanic emissions of gas and aerosol which is under-researched, and generally absent from risk management strategies. For example, the emissions from the Laki eruption in Iceland 1783-1784 led to the loss of ~90% of Iceland's livestock, while ~20% of its population died from famine and disease. Masaya volcano in Nicaragua has been degassing for many centuries, preventing subsistence farming and contributing to poverty in the area. Dr Ilyanskaya will present research on this 'unseen' hazard from several volcanoes around the world and discuss efforts to address it.

Icelandic Volcano

If travelling by car please be aware that the University have introduced a charge for parking on campus during the evening. Full details may be found at http://carparking.leeds.ac.uk/visitors.





Saturday 11th May 2019


Ilkley Moor - Geology and History

Dr Gareth Martin & David Leather
Leeds Geological Association & West Yorkshire Geology Trust

A Yorkshire Geology Month and GeoWeek Event

Ilkley Moor

Ilkley Moor has a rich geological, natural and archaeological history which is easily accessible and is situated within a beautiful upland landscape. This walk has been organised as part of Yorkshire Geology Month and GeoWeek and aims to show the visitor some of the most interesting sites on the moor as part of a circular walk of ~5.5km. On your way you will see evidence of the huge rivers which covered Yorkshire over 310 million years ago as well as extremely rare rocks which show the tides which, at that time, rose and fell at the mouth of these rivers on a daily basis. You will also see how glaciers from the last Ice Age eroded the rocks on the moor and led to the formation of huge landslides. In addition to the rich natural history of the moor the walk will also highlight the human influence on the moor, from beautifully preserved and mysterious prehistoric cup and ring structures and enclosures and how humans utilised the geology of the moor as a natural resource, to how Charles Darwin enjoyed his trips to the spa town of Ilkley and what illness may have afflicted him!


• Roundhay Park - A Walk Back in Time •

Guided walks around the Geology Trail in Roundhay Park are held during the year. Provisional dates are:
  • Wednesday 3th July 2019
  • Saturday 14th September 2019
Meet at the Mansion House Visitors Centre at 1.15 PM for a 1.30 PM start.

The walks are led by the geologist who created the trail and, making regular stops, take about 2.5 hours and cover a distance of around 3 km. They are suitable for people of any age - no previous knowledge is required!

The trail follows paths which can be muddy in wet weather so appropriate footwear is advised.

The walks are free and no booking is required but for further information contact Bill Fraser on 0113 2608764 or email w.fraser@btinternet.com

A booklet, 'Roundhay Park - A Walk Back in Time' (24 pages, full colour) which describes the marked geology trail in Roundhay Park is available. It is a combined effort between LGA members, who provided the idea and the content, and Friends of Roundhay Park, who provided the help on the ground. It can be found in various local outlets for £1.00 or by post. Contact Bill Fraser on 0113 2608764 or email w.fraser@btinternet.com for further details.

• Free On-line Courses •

Extinctions: Past and Present

Discover the diversity of life on earth, the impacts of five past mass extinctions and the prospect of a sixth extinction today.


The Earth in My Pocket: an Introduction to Geology

Get an introduction to geology. Discover where materials that make up everyday objects come from and how to use them sustainably.



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